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JA All About Cars®

JA All About Cars curriculum cover

High School
Classroom Based
After School

Pillars of Student Success
Financial Literacy High Financial Literacy
Entrepreneurship Minimal Entrepreneurship
Work Readiness Minimal Work Readiness
Buying one’s first car is both exciting and daunting. JA All About Cars introduces students to the essential costs related to buying and operating a first car and offers tips on being smart consumers when purchasing vehicles. In this volunteer-led session, students consider their needs and wants to make a real-world connection to the car-buying experience, motivating them to make good financial decisions when buying or leasing.

Following participation in the program, students will be able to:

-- Consider whether a dream car is a realistic purchase for most people.
-- Explore their driving needs and things to consider when choosing a car.
-- Identify a car that meets their needs and research the cost.
-- Understand the pros and cons of financing or leasing a car.

JA All About Cars is part of the JA Financial Literacy Pathway and is recommended for high school students (grades 9–12). It can be volunteer- or educator-led and is available in classroom-based, remote live, or after-school implementation. This one-session program can be delivered as a stand-alone session or used in conjunction with another JA financial literacy program.

As part of this program, JA teachers and volunteers are encouraged to use the resources available in JA Connect™ Learning Pathways, located at This self-guided experience includes interactives, JA Digital Career Book™, and games and apps for student use.

JA programs support national and state standards in reading, mathematics, social studies, and work and career readiness. See below for more information on alignment with national and state standards.

Virtual Implementation

Remote live implementation is available for JA All About Cars

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