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JA BizTown Self Guided (Adventures)®

JA BizTown curriculum cover

Elementary School
Middle School
JA Capstone

Pillars of Student Success
Work Readiness High Work Readiness
Financial Literacy Moderate Financial Literacy
Entrepreneurship Moderate Entrepreneurship
JA BizTown Self Guided (Adventures) is a culminating experience for students that follows the JA BizTown curriculum. Students gain an understanding of various aspects of running a business as they take on the roles of chief executive officer, chief financial officer, marketing director, sales manager, and consumer via five online, self-guided adventures.

Using a branching, story-driven treatment, each adventure provides students an opportunity to practice problem solving, decision making, critical thinking, and analytical thinking, as well as to weigh saving and spending choices, consider risk management and insurance strategies, and make personal and business-related financial decisions.

While participating in the online adventure, students will experience:

-- A fully online, self-guided learning experience that students can access inside or outside the classroom, following completion of the JA BizTown curriculum.
-- An online, interactive alternative for students who are unable to visit an on-site simulation.
-- The opportunity to explore a total of five roles in the adventures. Each role takes approximately 20–30 minutes to complete. The roles may be completed in any order, and
students may replay any adventure at any time.
-- Ten business models for each adventure role. Models may be represented more than once. The businesses represented reflect the local community and may include
financial institutions, retailers, media, city hall, and more.

JA BizTown Self Guided (Adventures) is recommended for grades 4–6. The program provides a meaningful learning opportunity that does not replace or take away from the traditional in-person simulation. The adventures support the JA BizTown curriculum and enhance student learning. They can be used as alternative simulation experiences when or if students are unable to visit an on-site location. Alternatively, the adventures may be explored before or after the on-site simulation, enhancing the overall learning experience. JA BizTown Self Guided (Adventures) requires a digital device for each participating student.

JA programs support national and state standards in reading, mathematics, social studies, and work and career readiness. See below for more information on alignment with national and state standards.

Virtual Implementation

JA BizTown Adventures is a virtual learning experience.


Junior Achievement gratefully acknowledges the dedication of Truist to the development of JA BizTown Adventures program.

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