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Why dotCMS

DotCMS is a Content Management System that manages your content in a manner that eliminates the need for coding by the area offices – yet allows you to get your valuable content onto the web in minutes.  Your days of spending time messing with code are over!  

One thing you need to adjust in your thinking: you no longer need to build pages.  You also no longer need to build html and put that code onto those pages.  The dotCMS system does that for you.   Instead, you build content objects and it does the work for you.

The main advantages of the new dotCMS system are:

  1. No additional fee for this service as it is included in your fees to JA USA.
  2. The things you modify frequently are easy to change (like events).
  3. It delivers 508 compliant content (for the visually impaired)
  4. It delivers mobile responsive content that will work on any device.
  5. It is brand compliant.
  6. The USA Brand department is managing Ads and Adwords for each location to drive traffic to your sites by location. (For example, a person searching for Events in the locale of San Diego will see JA of San Diego rank higher in their search results).
  7. The system works with objects that work according to our business logic and JA’s business terminology.
  8. When information is entered correctly, the system works for you.
  9. The sites are built according to Google specifications… so you have TWO WEEKS to get the data entry done before Google finds you! (No pressure, right?)

For example: you need to add an event to your website.   Instead of building an event page and adding the details of the event to the page, simply create a “JA Event” object in the system and the display for the Event will automatically be built for you, in a mobile responsive/508 compliant format.   Even the listing of your events is updated for you in REAL TIME.

Area's that dotCMS works for:

  • Area's that are limited in time and resource.
  • Area's that do not have an HTML training budget.
  • Area's that really don't want to spend time creating Blogs.
  • Area's where the staff members wear many hats.
  • Area's who need to make use of automation on their website (i.e. Events moving to past events automatically when they expire, Blogs updating, Email notifications, etc).
  • Area's that do not have access to, or the financial resources, for image processing software to resize images for their website.
  • Area's that have file resource repositories broken down by category.

Area's that dotCMS may NOT work for:

  • Area's that have extremely large file repositories where outdated material "hangs" on the server due to not being maintained.  Let's face it, we all have junk in our attic.  However, if you really need a repository that is also acting as an "archive" of old documents, we would recommend a different solution for storing documents long term.  DotCMS is a "lean and mean" system that doesn't host image galleries / video files (there are other objects to handle that... see manual)
  • Area's that insist on unique customizations to their displays that is outside Brand guidelines.
  • Area's that need to handle their own HTML coding, and are willing to take responsibility for 508 compliance / mobile responsiveness.  
  • Sites that use third party vendor software that will not integrate or play nicely with other systems.
  • Area's that do not hold to the standard recognized business model / structure of Headquarters > Office > Satellite office.
  • If an area has their own boards and events, they need their own site.   If a satellite is large enough to have it's own boards and events, the system works best if they have their own website (for Google indexing reasons!).   If you want insist that you do NOT want your offices built out this way... you will find the system to be hard to use as you will be forced to jamming a square peg in a round hole.

The Area Admins How To

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Original dotCMS Webinar

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